JANINE MARSON Short bio: She is a well respected and seasoned local artist who has exhibited with The Muskoka Art Collective, in group and solo shows with Muskoka Arts and Crafts, The Huntsville Art Society, and is represented by The Oxtongue Craft Cabin and Gallery, and BK Gallery in Washago. She was selected to represent her beloved Muskoka Region in the 2011 Muskoka Artist Marketplace at the One of a Kind Spring Show in Toronto. Janine is an experienced and qualified art instructor who has been igniting the art spirit within hundreds of students for 30 years in both Toronto and Muskoka. Janine has also been involved with and painted several murals for the Group of Seven Outdoor Gallery in Huntsville and surrounding area. A truly homegrown artist with a love of the land and a desire to preserve and protect it for future generations.